Might Apple Boycott in China if US Ban WeChat

chinese language consumers may boycott Apple if the U.S. Bans WeChat, China’s overseas ministry spokesman warned Friday, because the clock ticks down on a US order to block the regularly occurring social app Apple Boycott in China.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted Friday that “If WeChat is banned, then there will be no reason why Chinese shall keep iPhone and apple products.”
“No matter how good Apple is, it’s just a phone. It can be replaced, but WeChat is different,” – a Weibo user said.

US President Donald Trump this month introduced a ban from mid-September on WeChat and an additional chinese-owned app, TikTok, accusing them of threatening countrywide protection, additional stoking tensions between Beijing and Washington.

but overseas ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted Friday that “If WeChat is banned, then there can be no explanation why chinese shall retain iPhone and apple items”.

Apple Boycott in China Zhao had already on Thursday referred to “many chinese language americans are announcing they may stop using iPhones if WeChat is banned within the US”, and accused the us of “systematic economic bullying of non-US companies” by focused on the chinese app.

The feedback mark a rare direct reference by Beijing to boycotting an American product and come because the superpowers spar on distinct fronts including defense force exercise in the South China Sea, Hong Kong and blame for the coronavirus.

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Apple Boycott in China Donald Trump’s choice to ban the use of WeChat and TikTok within the US has fanned tensions with China photo: AFP / Martin BUREAU

chinese social media clients on Friday spoke back with blended feelings to Zhao’s warning on Twitter, which is blocked in China however obtainable via virtual deepest community application.

“i exploit Apple, however I also love my nation,” one user on the Twitter-like Weibo platform. “it’s not a conflict.”

“No count number how respectable Apple is, it’s only a cell. Apple Boycott in China It could get replaced, however WeChat is distinct,” another consumer argued. “contemporary chinese americans will lose their soul in the event that they go away WeChat, certainly company individuals.”

Wechat, regularly occurring in mainland China as Weixin, has greater than 1.2 billion lively users.

Trump’s executive order against WeChat forces the platform to end all operations in the u.S. And bans americans doing business with it. Apple Boycott in China

Apple accounted for eight p.C of China’s smartphone market within the second quarter of 2020, according to Counterpoint research, a long way at the back of domestic leader Huawei.

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