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hey guys what’s up it’s Karl here back with another episode and the official  keynote of WWDC just wrapped up and we got some pretty big news out of Apple Camp a lot of that of course expected the first being iOS 14 but more importantly the next step in Mac OS which is Mac OS Big Sur they choose a different name in California every time

I was actually more surprised and more pumped about that update so here are the biggest new features and updates coming to Mac’s latest MacOS Big Sur  love that name so the biggest focus on this refresh is around the design and that’s the biggest updates to the design since.

Mac OS 10 actually things as simple as icons are being completely redesigned and they’re shifting more to a rounded edge compared to these squarish harsher edges that we have now they’re becoming a bit more cartoony in my opinion and they are implementing some gradients as well they just want to simplify the look.

of icons across all Apple devices they’ll be more recognizable from say your Mac to your iPhone to your iPad they just want everything to be continuous and I think that’s the goal of Apple always to make all of their products kind of seamless amongst each other they remastered some of their iconic sound so you’ll either love or hate that but it’s a nice little refresh there is now the addition of control panel coming to Mac OS so if you MacOS Big Sur  have an iPhone or say an iPad you know swiping down on the top right side you’ll have your control panel you can now access that on the top toolbar up comes the toolbar

that’s what she said and you can quickly change each of your settings like switching between light or dark mode sound brightness etc and you can kind of tweak that to what your custom  preference is we also have an update to Notification Center it’s still located in the top right side and widgets have been updated so you can still add more and they’re easier to add I still would love though if you could add widgets to your home desktop and that’s something that we still can’t do in Mac OS

I’d love to MacOS Big Sur  have my calculator or my latest messages pinned somewhere to my desktop they’re the things that I use most on my Mac device and I know that varies from person to person and I get it doesn’t look as minimal as sleek as a blank desktop but it’s just something I’d love to see maybe in a future addition to Mac OS and as for the rest of the design language things are just looking a bit more modern they’re really relying on transparencies to make you focus on what’s important and what you’re

actually interacting with on your desktop I think the direction

that Apple is taking with Mac OS is in the right way it looks gorgeous can’t wait to start using it myself and true to apples fashion they apply that first to their own native apps so first of course Safari I think that’s honestly one of my guilty tech pleasures I do most of my browsing and Internet usage over on Safari and I spray away from Chrome if you want to see a way to bog down a $5,000 MacBook Pro simply open 50 chrome tabs and you kind of know the next result and that goes into the efficiency of all of Apple’s stuff the browsing experience now should just be faster and more efficient and they even claimed it can load MacOS Big Sur  web pages 50 times faster than Chrome and still keep great power efficiency which enables these computers to kind of run on their all-day battery life so that’s always a bonus you can

now change or add a background to your favorites home page which is a nice

little touch and the new translation or dynamic translation icon if you are browsing a page in a different language Safari will identify that and you can change that dynamically to any language you want obviously most of us switching that back into English there are a few new additions to the maps app where you can select favorites and save them a lot of those features are coming in from iOS I’m still personally a Google Maps use your Apple please don’t kill me there’s a couple new developer tools which makes it easier for apps that run on iOS or your iPad to bridge straight on over to your Mac and the biggest announcement

not just coming to Mac OS but the entire Mac hardware lineup is the announcement of their MacOS Big Sur new silicon chipsets we’ve seen the leaks and the rumors we didn’t get a specific piece of hardware announce I thought they might release a new iMac iMac Pro but that’s me novels plan for the longest time now they have some really great chipsets found and say the iPhone the 812 a 12 Z Bionic found in the iPad pro we saw a sneak peek of one of their Macs running the a 12 Z Bionic chip and of course was handling Final Cut Pro like a champ since Apple is now building all of their silicon chips ets in-house they can maximize efficiency and still keep high high performance  I do feel a bit sorry for people that drop 30 40 grand on a new Mac Pro with the Intel chipsets and I know that Apple will still support Intel for the next couple years probably five to ten years down

the road but their main priority will be switching everyone on that older Hardware over to all of the stuff that they are now making curious to hear your thoughts though down below I don’t think it’s a bad time to buy a Mac laptop or a dedicated iMac right now if you can hold that for the next year possibly two

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until their official line of Mac products launch with their own chipsets inside I would probably recommend doing that still nothing wrong with the Intel

based chipsets you’re just kind of buying a dying breed of technology at this point those are pretty much the updates coming to Mac OS and of course the new Apple silicon chip sets that are coming out will be grabbing big serve pretty shortly and we’ll keep you guys updated on social how it performs but I’m sure it will look as good as we saw over on the keynote hope you guys enjoyed this very quick episode and I will catch the rest of you in one of my next ones face

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