First take_ iOS 14 and all its new features

today Apple launched iOS 14 which completely revamped the iPhones home screen hold for applause

 and it also brings features like translation a face mask me emoji and the ability to unlock your car and with your iPhone let’s check it out [Music] WWDC Apple’s annual developer conference is a bit different this year because of kovat 19 the keynote was actually streamed online as a video but that didn’t stop the company from watching some serious upgrades to all of its operating systems of course the one

I’m interested in is iOS 14 which brings that aforementioned homescreen redesign but also brings features like pitch and picture video better widgets and a new interface for series so let’s talk about all these features and more since 2007 the iPhone home screen has remained largely unchanged organizing and moving apps can be still well pretty tedious especially with the way the home screen forces apps to go to the top left side first and fill in from there in iOS 14 app library automatically organizes all your apps into a single view and what I like about this then this might be one of my more favourite features in iOS 14 is the fact that you organize the iPhone around yourself versus being stuck with that magnetic app layout which it might actually still be there if you really wanted to use it so the way

it works is actually categorizes apps and combines them in groups them together so for example if you had the Facebook app and the Twitter app on your phone and actually group them into a little folder called social apps this solution feels like the have-your-cake- and-eat-it-too answer for app organization now let’s talk about widgets currently in iOS 13 widgets can be found on the Today view page on your home screen in iOS 14 you’ll be able to actually pin widgets to your home screen and resize them to your liking now this is a feature

that’s been in android for years but in a neat apple twist there is a thing called smart stacks that stacks up a bunch of widgets based off apps 

that use frequently and even according to what time of day you’re using those apps and if you want to go through them you just simply swipe across that stack to bring different widget to the top now let’s talk about app clips now this this is an incredibly thought-out Edition by Apple let’s say that you’re inside a coffee shop and you want to use the rewards program from the coffee shops app but you don’t have it downloaded all right using a QR code or NFC at the coffee shops register you’d actually be able to download an app clip which appears on the phone kind of like a card at the bottom the screen

similar to when you have your ear pods connected to your phone the card gives you direct access to functionality chosen by the apps developer the idea is you don’t need to download an entire app to access a feature especially if it’s a one-off kind of use but next well I want to talk about a silent but deadly additions through iOS 14 and this is something we didn’t hear much if anything about in the keynote I don’t think and that is the ability to us  a third-party app as your default mail or browser on the iPhone I know right so that means I could take something like Firefox and make that my default internet browser on my iPhone that means I could take sundar like Gmail and use that as my default mail app on the iPhone yeah that’s pretty good next up is the ability to have picture picture video on your iPhone like iPad OS and Mac OS iOS 14 will now let users have picture and picture video on their home screen this will allow you to watch video while being able to interact with everything else on your phone the feature even works

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when you’re on a phone call or FaceTime call that said I don’t know if it’s gonna be like iPad OS where you’re not gonna better watch YouTube videos on your home screen

 maybe listen to the audio if you have YouTube premium but yeah that’s probably not gonna be the reality but let’s move on and talk about some tasty new features

that’s coming to the messages app so if you’re on a group thread in the messages app you’re gonna be able to enable it so you don’t receive notifications unless your name is specifically mentioned in a message that’s pretty cool also you’ll be able to pin conversations to the top of the app next up look out Siri is getting some changes so currently in iOS 13 if I trigger Siri the entire screen goes black and the text comes out it basically hides everything else on the phone and I could be when you activate Siri and iOS 14 there is just a small animation at the bottom of the screen

so it doesn’t block anything not bad next let’s have a real talk about me mochi which got a bunch of new customizations Apple added 20 new head and head wear options as well as aged options for old guys like me and there are three new actions you can have your memo to do which includes giving a hug sending a blush as well as sending a fist bump one of the more interesting additions is the ability for you to add a face mask to your emoji way to stay relevant in current times Apple next up I want to talk about translation one of the cooler new features is the ability to translate text or dictation between different languages

now we’ve seen apps like Google Translate before but this is a bit different because it’s gonna be built right into iOS 14 and it actually operates off of the iPhones neural engine meaning you don’t have to be online to use it full disclosure neural engine happens to be the name of my Radiohead cover band a helpful tool inside the app is the ability to go into what’s called a  conversation mode and you do this by simply rotating the iPhone into landscape and on the left side of the screen is all of your translation and on the right side of the screen as the person you’re talking to to make it easy to follow at launch the Translate app will  support eleven languages

now let’s talk about some changes come into Apple Maps and if you ride a bike then you know that current version Apple Maps does not support directions for cycling but that’s gonna change the iOS 14 where you can get route options for roads bike lanes and paths as well as it’ll give you heads up about elevation changes steep grades as well as stairs now let’s talk about getting small similar to the way that Siri has been minimized to take up less room in iOS 14 the same is going to apply to incoming phone calls so any apps that can receive phone calls will now notify you with a nice petites trip across the top of the screen all right you gear heads this next one’s for you and it’s a big one and that’s the ability to unlock your car with your iPhone

think of it kind of like an apple wallet for car play and you’re gonna be able use your iPhone to unlock lock and even start your car

you can also share your key digitally with friends or family and to wrap up here’s a jeopardy style  potpourri round of significant but worth mentioning iOS 14 features the home app supports adaptive lighting that automatically changes throughout the course of a day a new sleep mode will turn your iPhone into it do not disturb mode alarm clock

the camera app will have faster shot to shop performance as well as you’ll have the ability to control and change the exposure value without changing your focus value that’s a big one for me voice memos get audio enhancements in the health app a sleep feature will help you track and attain goals for sleeping alright this last one is a big one maybe one the more significant parts of iOS 14 but maybe not one of the more interesting parts of IRS 14 and that’s when you go to the App

Store and before you download an app you can actually look at an information on the apps privacy practices so you can know what information it’s got to have access to like your location and contacts your cameras things like that hey so that’s all I got I should say that a developer version of iOS 14 is currently available and a public beta version will be available in July a final version of iOS 14 will be released  this fall and iOS 14 is supported on the exact same devices that are supported on iOS 13 meaning the iPhone 6s and newer but I want to hear from you what are your favorite new features announced for iOS 14 and what are some features that you’re hoping for that didn’t get announced or aren’t part of the iOS


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