Apple WWDC 2020: What to expect for iOS14 and everything else

if you would ask me a couple months ago whether Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference would actually happen I wouldn’t have known what to tell you big in-person events including software

heavy shows like Google i/o were being canceled left right and center so WWDC seemed like the next logical victims but no Apple confirmed it was going ahead with an online-only version of the show for the first time ever really and it starts very soon the keynote begins at10:00 a.m. Pacific 1:00 p.m. Eastern on June 22nd and we will be covering it live as always now even if the staging is completely different this year all of the rumors suggest we’re in for a really big show in fact for reasons having nothing to do with Cove at 19 we could be looking at one of the most impactful WWDC ever and that all starts with what Apple is reportedly doing in iOS 14 for one the nature of the iOS homescreen could be changing for the first time.

since the home screen was a thing sure you’ll be able to look at that classic grid of apps same as always but apparently you’ll also be able to view a list of your apps which sounds a little Android 8 in me and I mean that in the most flattering way possible iOS always could have benefited from something like this speaking of Android II rumors also suggest that at long last we might be able to put real movable widgets on our home screens throw in support for third-party wallpaper packs which is a weird idea I know and we may wind up with a version of iOS that looks and feels a lot different than what you’re used to there’s word you may even be able to set third-party apps as the defaults for emails and web browsing but since the conversation around that has sort of died down since bloomberg broke the news in February I am a little more skeptical of that iOS 14 may also have more of a focus on augmented reality than usual Apple is reportedly working on a new app codenamed Gobi that displays information in places like Apple stores and Starbucks when you point and add an Apple main QR code so you feasibly see nutritional information or store availability for products that feels a little questionable math since we probably shouldn’t spend too much time inside stores with strangers but don’t worry Apple may also let you do things like search for your missing air pods using augmented reality there are some other interesting tidbits that might wind up an iOS 14 that we should talk about like improved messaging

according to Mac rumors Apple is working on a mentioned system for iMessage so you can nudge specific people in your group chat and retract messages after new cyntha Safari may automatically

translate websites in other languages sort of like chrome does now and Apple might also reveal a new fitness app that allows people to download guided workout videos which seems bizarre and kind of brilliant at the same time I could definitely see Apple taking away money from services like peloton through something like this now Apple obviously uses iOS as a foundation for iPad OS so the improvements we’ve just talked about will almost certainly make their way to iPads too but we have heard of a few noteworthy tablets specific features 9 to 5 Mac spotted references to new cursors and gestures which should be great news for anyone trying to use an iPad with a mouse or a trackpad we’ve also heard you’ll be able to use your Apple pencil beyond just your note-taking and sketching apps

if these rumors hold true you’ll be able to write with the pencil in any text field which iPad OS will recognize and convert into traditional text which is frankly long overdue Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been able to do this for quite some time so I’m looking forward to seeing if iPads in the Apple pencil can help this concept succeed where the Newton failed with it years ago now 20/20 has been weird for like a thousand different reasons but if Apple sticks to the PlayBook

it’s been using for years  developers or people like me who just pay for developer accounts will be able to install previews of both of these in the last dates shortly after the keynote  ends then we’ve got watch OS 7 which comes with a bunch of you watch faces as it always does but more important are new features like a so-called kids mode that let mom or dad manage an Apple

watch for their kids in addition to their own from a single I phone those parents will apparently be able to control the apps and complications kids have access to during the day as well as manage the contacts and music available to them that sounds great if you’re a parent but I’m still not sold on giving a kid an Apple watch in the first place y’all do you you who raised her kids have a great time with it

I am personally more excited about the health related changes Apple seems to be making here after years of waiting  proper sleep tracking is expected to make its debut in watch OS and so will new 

measurements for blood oxygen detection which can be hugely important because low blood oxygen can be a symptom of some incredibly unpleasant conditions we’re also hearing that watch OS 7s electrocardiogram feature is said to be more nuanced which I am personally very grateful for I’ve never talked about this before but I was doing a work thing in California last year and I was working in bed one day and my heart started doing this jazz drum solo and the Apple watch did help confirm that yet something’s wrong with your ticker you should probably go to a doctor having a more accurate tool like that isgoing to benefit literally anyone in anycase watch.

the West 7 is shaping up to be a pretty big update that we might not see the full value of that software until Apple releases new Apple watches now strangely there has been a whole lot of noise about Mac OS is here and that might be because for the first time Apple has more important Mac Hardware announcements to make and I’m not just talking about that new heavily rumored iMac either though that should be cool rumor has it Apple went was a very bezel like design more in line with the iPad pro or it’s expensive pro cinema XDR display and that the company is going all in on SSD storage and embracing the AMD navi GPU great but if there’s one bit of news to keep your eyes peeled for at WWDC it’s apples rumoured announcement that it’s going to transition to using arm-based processors instead of the intel stuff the company has been relying on since early 2006

because event reliance the timing of new Mac hardware wasn’t purely within Apple’s control any time 

Intel suffered a delay Apple did too if this transition pans out Apple would only be beholden to the company that makes the chips for  them based on what we’ve seen from  Apple’s stupidly fast iPad pro chipsets  like the a 12 X and a 12 see it does not seem like pure power is going to be the problem when I review the most recent iPad pro it more or less hosed my work MacBook Pro in most of the processor heavy tasks I threw at them in terms of complex micro design Apple is very good at what it does but if Apple  really is going all armed across its next it needs to give developers time to sort out their work best-case scenario they can just recompile some code and they’re all set but worst case scenario

they’ve run into serious compatibility issues and that porting takes ages or they decide the process isn’t worth it and just discontinue their software we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple says and more importantly what  resources it could provide to make this potential transition as smooth as possible for all of those reasons and perhaps more that we’re just not privy to yet it really does seem like WWDC in 2020 is shaping up to be one for the books thank you for taking the time to run through what we expect to see from the show so far and be sure to stay tuned for a live coverage when the Apple WWDC keynote starts next week

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